​An exhibition took place alongside the conference.

The exhibition allowed businesses and research organisations to share their work with an international audience of experts in brain science and healthcare, as well as other entrepreneurs, business people, potential investors and the broader public.


Creaholic is a Swiss innovation-house, founded in 1986 by Elmar Mock, one of the co-inventors of the Swatch. Today, Creaholic is composed of a multidisciplinary team, having successfully completed more than 700 projects, originated 180 patent families and received numerous industry awards.

The disruptive and "hands-on" approach of Creaholic, enabling clients to improve their products and systems, to discover new technology applications and business opportunities, has been leveraged across various industrial fields from medical to packaging, and automation to watches. Creaholic works with leading industry partners as well as incubating its own ventures via licensing and establishment of spin-off companies such as Woodwelding, Bonewelding, miniswys, smixin and Joulia.

DNA Electronics is a pioneer in next generation sequencing (NGS), dedicated to applying our proven molecular diagnostic technology to bring real, life-saving benefits to patients. As the inventors of semiconductor sequencing (on-chip sequencing and measurement), we have created a new platform that is ideally suited to point-of-need diagnostics, combining the ease of use of real-time PCR with the analytical depth of NGS.

Emmplis is the leading provider of Smart Information Management software. They provide solutions that enable companies and organisations to analyse, interpret and automatically process the rapidly growing amount of structured and unstructured data. Theirapproach is to uniquely combine knowledge and content management to provide "the right information, at the right time, to the right person, on the desired device'.

For more than 100 years the Swiss Epilepsy Centre in Zurich has been dedicated to diagnosing, treating and caring for children, adolescents and adults suffering from all forms of epilepsy. Over the last decades the Swiss Epilepsy Clinic has developed into a modern interdisciplinary neurological centre. Today, it is a Competence Centre for Epilepsy of national and international standing, consisting of specialised epilepsy services in various institutions.

Faceshift is a facial motion capture software solution. Using 3D depth cameras, it captures basic expressions, head orientation and eye gaze, as well as subtle nuances in both the surface and texture of the face. It revolutionises facial animation, allowing animation of virtual characters in any situation where facial animation is required.

GENEU is the world’s first in-store DNA test for personalised skincare. Their innovative skincare technology offers the opportunity to understand personal skin’s needs according to genomic profile and provide the truly preventative, personalised skincare.

The Human Brain Project is a European Commission Future and Emerging Technologies Flagship that aims to achieve a multi-level, integrated understanding of brain structure and function through the development and use of information and communication technologies.

Nanoelectronics research center imec and its Dutch affiliate Holst Centre develop advanced wearable technologies, wireless health platforms and offer full system design for healthcare, wellness, and lifestyle applications, such as health wristbands, ECG health patches, EEG headsets and biomedical ICs.

Imec leverages its scientific knowledge with the innovative power of its global partnerships in ICT, healthcare and energy. Imec’s highly sensitive, intelligent, miniaturized, ultra-low power, wearable sensors enable comfortable, continuous, reliable and long-term monitoring and management of health in ambulatory conditions and daily-life activities.

Metaverse Holdings is dedicated to the new generation of Virtual Media’s communication. It is developing and rolling out commercial concepts and business initiatives based on virtual worlds technology and platforms.

Vitually Live is a platform that enables everyone to experience the magic of attending live sports and events, no matter where they are.Patented technology is a process-centric VR solution, creating a fully immersive and social experience for fans around the world. Live performers are tracked using tags or other optical technology. A replica of the actual venue is created using real-world data. The tracked objects are transported into the virtual venue - all positions and motions are captured and delivered in real-time. Then people can enter the virtual world, and interact with friends and other virtual visitors through chat and audio/video channels.

NeuroPro is a Swiss medical research, design and commercialization company that brings together cutting-edge mobile computing and innovative signal analysis methodologies to create user-friendly, real-time solutions for consumers, researchers and healthcare professionals.

NeuroPro’s mission is to harness the benefits of the digital and mobile revolutions and apply them to the problems of neuroscience to radically improve the way we acquire, understand and utilise brain signal data. NeuroPro’s unique technologies leverage proprietary systems and patents furthered by strategic partnerships with aprominent research and technology providers.

NeuroVIS is software which combines EEG signal viewing and analysis with 3D visualisation of brain activity. NeuroVis provides a platform for capturing complex data and mapping information in highly visual and engaging formats. NeuroVIS has been developed by NeuroPro for the visualization and analysis of EEG and ECG signals across multiple neuroscience and medical fields.

The VMLpro (Virtual Mobile Laboratory) system is at the core of many NeuroPro technologies. The system pairs the power and flexibility of cloud computing with the ease of use of mobile and internet technologies, providing neuroscience researchers and practitioners with data-focused application platforms such as VMLproEEG. These applications are built around three core features:

  • On-demand: real-time scalability – storage and computational resources size up dynamically to meet users’ intensive processing requirements in a use-it-when-you-need-it scheme that cuts processing cost and time significantly.
  • Collaboration: users, irrespective of geographical location, choose to share access to data, analysis, and research insights within a virtual environment that sets focus on the scientific conversation and minimizes distractions due to data logistics.
  • Extensibility: researchers design and implement their custom analysis workflows in an ad-hoc manner, thereby controlling costs and risks inherent to rigid data analysis procedures.

VMLpro systems leverage the latest developments in cloud computing technology to provide highly scalable and secure environments that foster efficient collaboration on patient diagnosis and patient monitoring or on clinical trials irrespective of geographical location.

NeuroTrail is a wireless EEG headset designed to simplify the acquisition of EEG making it possible for non-experts to record EEG quickly and easily. Created to adapt to individual head shapes, NeuroTrail is modular, ergonomically-designed, andallows real-time capture of EEG and motion sensor data. The headset allows flexible placement of one to eight EEG channels with state of the art non-invasive dry electrodes. Recorded data are transmitted wirelessly in real-time using Bluetooth or Bluetooth-LE and can be used for a wide range of clinical research (e.g. epilepsy prediction) and non-clinical (e.g. gaming) applications. NeuroTrail integrates with our associated iOS applications and SDK for instant viewing of raw captured data and with the NeuroPro cloud enabling in-depth analysis of EEG recordings using patented algorithms and effective visualisations.

Pathway Genomics is a clinical diagnostic and mobile healthcare technology company providing services worldwide. Theirgenetic testing specialties include hereditary cancer, pharmacogenomic, and general health and wellness testing. Pathway Genomics strives to develop new and innovative testing and products, including a first-of-its-kind mobile health application in partnership with IBM Watson. Integrating genetic results with published data, this app will offer users personalized, immediate, and actionable health information.

ScienceVisuals provides custom massive data analysis, simulation and visualisation solutions. They have predominantly been involved in Biomedicine, BioPhysics and Life Sciences in general.

W Science is a private company that provides resources as well as technology and leadership resources to support initiatives that enable the integration and packaging of science with information technologies that advance personal healthcare and personal lifestyles.

Reality Substitution is a new method for creating virtual reality (VR) to share true experiences. The Reality Substitution Machine makes it possible to share moments of life in real time or to re-experience events from a first person perspective rather than via an avatar, moving beyond 3D gaming experiences. Cognitive neuroscience is the key: scientific understanding of how we consciously experience reality reveals how to trick our brain with VR technologies.

Applications include:

  • cognitive and behavioural therapy, offering therapists optimal conditions for the progress and rehabilitation of their patients;
  • education, allowing teachers to build learning environments mixing reality and pedagogical content;
  • the film industry, allowing movie makers to record, edit, and tell stories that people can live through; and
  • virtual tourism, creating the experience of travelling to China with a friend without leaving home.

The goal of the Joint Wavelength Analysis project is to pioneer a scientific method for measuring emotional contagion between couples by applying joint wavelength analysis techniques and utilising binary pattern matching algorithms to assess synchronised EEG signals of participant pairs captured in real-time while the pair respond to questions about their relationship. By doing so, the project will test hypothesis on quantifying and measuring emotional contagion and interpersonal compatibility.

WiNORM builds on the convergence of trends in medical science and computer science. It employs massively-parallel cloud computing architecture with dynamically pluggable data sources, enabling connectivity to end evaluation of DANN predisposition data against multidimensional, environmental and behavioural data, and the distribution of results in real-time to mobile computing devices.

iHealth Avatar adds a health data dimension to the ‘traditional’ concept of an avatar. It is a representation of a range of health measures and indicators (from red blood cell count and cholesterol level to blood pressure, ECG and MRI) captured from the human body and rendered in 3D context-sensitive visualisations. For example, a certain symbol such as above-average blood pressure, is rendered as a combination of different animation parameters of a skeleton, texture, colour, etc.

Virtually cloned enables the capturing of a person’s free movement using a number of innovative techniques. It detects body movements and expressions and generates a 3D mesh that can be rendered as an avatar, a hologram or used for other purposes. This is done using one or more synchronised drones that carry several cameras and fly constantly, non-intrusively but smartly, at an appropriate distance from the subject.