Our 2015 conference was supported by the following major partners.

Brain Mind Institute

The Brain Mind Institute (BMI) at the EPFL is a research institution founded with the mission to understand the fundamental principles of brain function in health and disease by using and developing unique experimental, theoretical, and technological approaches.


EPFL is a research university in Lausanne, Switzerland, that specialises in physical sciences and engineering. EPFL is regarded as one of the world leading universities, ranking 14th overall and 17th in engineering in the 2015 QS World University Rankings.


The Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) is the voice of European neuroscience. Its mission is to advance research and education in neuroscience within and outside Europe, to facilitate interaction and coordination between its members. FENS currently represents 42 European national and mono-disciplinary neuroscience societies with close to 23 000 member scientists from 32 European countries.


The International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) is a union of neuroscience organizations with the aim to promote and support neuroscience training and collaborative research around the world. More than 80 international, national and regional scientific organizations constitute IBRO's Governing Council, which together with the five IBRO Regional Committees launch the educational programs that reach young neuroscientists in need of support and assistance. In addition, IBRO has partnerships with like-minded federations of scientific societies to identify priorities and help bridge gaps in knowledge, investment and resources in the field of the brain and related diseases, from development to aging.

Tectus Group

Established in 1944, the Tectus Group and associated companies is a family-owned multi-national business with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. Together with its shareholders, Tectus Group has diverse investments, partnerships, joint ventures and associations across the following market segments: devices & solutions, biomedical, lifestyle, construction & engineering, media & entertainment and real estate.


UBS draws on its over 150-year heritage to serve private, institutional and corporate clients worldwide, as well as retail clients in Switzerland. Its business strategy is centered on its pre-eminent global wealth management businesses and its leading universal bank in Switzerland, complemented by its Global Asset Management business and its Investment Bank, with a focus on capital efficiency and businesses that offer a superior structural growth and profitability outlook. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, UBS has offices in more than 50 countries, including all major financial centers, and approximately 60 000 employees. UBS Group AG is the holding company of the UBS Group. Under Swiss company law, UBS Group AG is organized as an Aktiengesellschaft, a corporation that has issued shares of common stock to investors. The operational structure of the Group comprises the Corporate Center and five business divisions: Wealth Management, Wealth Management Americas, Retail & Corporate, Global Asset Management and the Investment Bank.

W Science

W Science is a private company offering an open platform to manage and leverage knowledge, know-how and competencies to pioneer and deliver innovative healthcare and knowledge-based solutions. W Science provides resources and leadership skills, and brings together interdisciplinary teams to support its medical and scientific research partners. W Science specialises in the application of information technologies to tackle new age health challenges and to produce new personalised healthcare and lifestyle solutions.