Let me congratulate you on the great outcome of The Brain Forum. The entire team has done such a superb job in pulling together all these esteemed speakers and panelists. Every minute of the three days was very enlightening for me and a humbling experience. You truly could be proud of what you have achieved and I am privileged to be able to partner with such inspiring and dedicated colleagues from W Science.

Mr. Daniel Zweifel
UBS AG, Switzerland

With a 70-year tradition of innovation in its different business lines, Tectus is proud to be a founding partner of The Brain Forum and bring together thought leaders in possibly the most exciting scientific field of the 21st century.

Mr. Bruno Valsangiacomo
Tectus, Switzerland

It has been a most interesting meeting. You succeeded in gathering an astonishing number of top notch scientists, leading executives in science, industry, and other stakeholders, allowing for new insights and catalysing new ideas. The Forum also demonstrated how beneficial the well informed support of philanthropists can be.

Prof. David Vodusek
European Academy of Neurology, Austria

We were very pleased to see that the event was again a great success and continues to be an excellent forum for sharing knowledge.

Mr. Lloyd Hoarton
Forresters, United Kingdom

As a student at EPFL, I would like to thank you for making The Brain Forum possible and accessible to students. This was a great opportunity for us to discover different aspects in neuroscience and motivated us in facing the challenges in this field.

EPFL, Switzerland

The Brain Forum has been the perfect venue to validate the underlying scientific hypothesis at the basis of our technology with dozens of neuroscientists and medical doctors, and for discussing the business idea with investors. All in one place.

Dr. Andrea Maesani & Dr. Andrea Biasiucci
Intento, Switzerland

I would like to wholeheartedly thank you for having put together the Jeddah Brain Forum meeting. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Prof. Patrick Aebicher
President, EPFL

It was a very fruitful experience to meet all these influential personalities in science. The talks and discussions were so stimulating.

Dr. Peter Hilfiker
Swiss Epilepsy Centre, Switzerland

I would like to extend to you my warmest congratulations and thanks for the fantastic organisation of The Brain Forum. I truly believe that this was a founding initiative for brain sciences for Saudi Arabia Kingdom as well as for the rest of the world. I very much look forward to future editions of The Brain Forum.

Prof. Pierre Magistretti
KAUST, Saudi Arabia; EPFL, Swizerland

The Forum was very well organized and highly informative with all the distinguished speakers; congratulations for its success, and thank you for the invitation and hospitality.

Dr. Zaher Dawy
American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Please allow me to congratulate you on the stunning success of The Brain Forum held in Jeddah on Dec 3 and 4, 2013. I was really impressed by the quality of the speakers and the audience, and the importance of the subjects discussed. The overwhelming crowd during the whole duration of the conference proves, once again, their belief in your leadership in all matters related to the advance of the science and welfare of human being. Congratulations!

Mr. Samir F. Kadi
Banque Libano-Française, Lebanon

It is with great gratitude that I wish to thank you for the kind invitation to your most fascinating The Brain Forum here in Jeddah. The perfect execution in organising the venue so highly professionally from start to end gains highest respect.

Mr. Urs Zeltner
UBS AG, Switzerland

I would like to express my appreciation for inviting me and the Saudi Neurology Society for a job well done! Special thanks to all members of the organising committee.

Prof. Saeed Bohlega
President, Saudi Neurology Society

It was clearly a major success and also used all modern methods of communication and thus was very much an example for others to follow.

Prof. Stephen Bloom
Imperial College London, London

The days in Jeddah at The Brain Forum were very interesting and inspiring to me.

Dr. Wolfgang Knecht
Neuroscience Center Zurich, Switzeralnd

We just wanted to thank you again for inviting us to The Brain Forum, for your generous hospitality, for the great organisation and for your kindness. This event gave us a lot of energy to develop the RealiSM prototype rapidly, and to start scientific studies as soon as possible.

Dr. Bruno Herbelin
Centre for Neuroprosthetics, Lausanne

I would like to congratulate you for such an outstanding event and for giving me the chance to be part of it. All the people I invited from outside Jeddah were quite impressed with the level of organisation and hospitality.

Prof. Mohammed Jan
King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

The Brain Forum was a GREAT SUCCESS. The feedback from all the participants, including the speakers, students and guests and the media has been extremely positive. We made history and I can see the potential of The Brain Forum becoming the Davos of the brain research.

Prof. Hilal Lashuel
EPFL, Switzerland

I am delighted that The Brain Forum exceeded all expectations with regards to speakers, venue and most importantly timing. I had a feeling of “pride” watching these events unfold in an Arab country!

Dr. Carl Saab
Brown University, USA