Margrit Leuthold Hex


Dr. Margrit Leuthold

Former Deputy Director of the Future Health Technologies programme ETH

Margrit Leuthold was in charge of medical research and the research programs in the frame of the Singapore ETH Centre SEC at ETH Zurich. Before joining ETH again in 2016, she was CEO of the foundation ‘Patient Safety Switzerland’, CEO of swissnex India (Bangalore, India), head of ETH Global, and Secretary General at the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences SAMS. She started her career in science administration after Postdoc positions in Zurich and the US at the Swiss National Science Foundation and as staff member of the President at ETH. Until her departure to India, she was for seven years Vice-President of the Council of the University Hospital Zurich and for ten years member of the National Ethics Committee for Medicine. She is a trained biologist and holds a PhD and an executive MBA from the University of Zurich. On an honorary level, she is founding president of Synapsis Foundation, a foundation supporting Alzheimer’s research. Influenced by her stay in India, she engages for a fairer world.