26th May 2021

Continuing the success of The Brain Forum 2020 Debates, The Brain Forum curates, records and airs another high-quality Debate in Zurich in 2021. The panel consists of world class health care professionals and thought leaders and explores the core of the need for urgent digitalization to optimise patient care, as well as discussing the obstacles that may lie ahead. 

Debate 1

Zurich, 26th May 2021
Health sector digitalization: It’s time for action! What’s holding us back?

Healthcare across the world is undergoing a crisis of great magnitude. The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has exposed its weaknesses and the will in this sector to digitise has never been stronger. This debate focuses on identifying deployable health care digital solutions, raises awareness on the obstacles that may lie ahead and highlights the extraordinary efficiencies that can be had from a digital transformation.