Posted 26 May 2016

​Dr. Martin Pan, Dr. Antonella Chadha Santuccione, Dr. Gene Bowman, Dr. Andrea Pfeifer

Engaging stakeholders for a holistic therapy in Alzheimer’s disease

This session aims to underscore the importance of an integrated multi-disciplinary agenda to address critical knowledge gaps and accelerate the discovery and delivery of efficacious treatments for Alzheimer’s patients at all stages of the disease.

About Panellists:
Dr. Martin Pan, Associate Director for Medical Research, Innovation and External Partnerships, Biogen
Dr. Antonella Chadha, Specialised Clinical Reviewer, Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products
Dr. Gene Bowman, Head of Nutrition and Brain Health, Nestlé Institute of Health Science

About Chair:
Dr. Andrea Pfeifer, CEO, AC Immune