Posted 26 May 2016

Dr. Andrea Pfeifer

Engaging stakeholders for a holistic therapy in Alzheimer’s disease

Dr. Andrea Pfeifer from AC Immune discusses ways to successfully combat Alzheimer’s disease:

• Early treatment and combination therapy
• Early diagnosis – this will facilitate better design of clinical trials and thereby enhance the chance of success, help start treatment earlier, lower the overall cost of treatment, and maximise quality of life for the future.
• Prevention – “Prevention is better than cure”. Prevention should encompass drugs/vaccines and nutrition for a holistic approach to effective treatment. It is imperative to treat patients at an early stage in the disease and to include biomarkers for patient recruitment as recent clinical trials of phase 3 expedition solanezumab and phase 2 ABBY and BLAZE crenezumab have shown.

About speaker:
Dr. Andrea Pfeifer co-founded AC Immune in 2003 and, since then, holds the position of CEO. Prior to AC Immune she was head of Nestlé’s Global Research in Lausanne. While at Nestlé, she led the scientific development of the first Functional Food, LC1, and one of the first Cosmoceutical products in a joint venture with L’Oreal, Innéov Fermeté. She also co-founded the Nestlé Venture Capital Fund, 1 Euro 1000M Life Science corporate venture fund.