Posted 26 May 2016

Dr. Greg Corrado, Prof. Aude Billard

Lessons in practical machine intelligence

Dr. Greg Corrado from Google gives an introduction to artificial intelligence, describes how it relates to machine learning, and then introduces artificial neural networks.  He further describes how they work, how they relate to the biological brain, and describes some of the amazing things they have recently learned to do.

About speaker:
Dr. Greg Corrado is a senior research scientist who works at the intersection of artificial intelligence, computational neuroscience, and scalable machine learning. At Google he has worked for some time on biologically inspired computing, and most recently has served as one of the founding members and technical lead of Google's large scale deep neural networks project, Google Brain.

About Chair:

Prof. Aude Billard is head of the Learning Algorithms and Systems Laboratory (LASA) at the School of Engineering at the EPFL, Switzerland.,Her research spans the fields of machine learning and robotics with a particular emphasis on learning from sparse data and performing fast and robust retrieval. Her work finds application to robotics, human-robot /human-computer interaction and computational neuroscience.