Posted 26 May 2016

Dr. Sophie Dix, Prof. Julio Licinio, Prof. Pierre Magistretti

Neuroscience and mental health, challenges and opportunities

This session broaches the challenges that mental diseases pose in terms of socioeconomic burden, public health and better management of patients. This session also focuses on opportunities to develop new strategies for integration of neuroscience with psychiatry and possible novel approaches to develop new medicines based on better knowledge of the biological mechanisms of mental diseases.

About Panellists:
Dr. Sophie Dix, Director of Research, MQ
Prof. Julio Licino, Deputy Director for Translational Medicine and Head, Mind and Brain Theme, South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute

About Chair:
Prof. Pierre Magistretti, Dean of the Division of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Engineering, KAUST and Professor of Neuroscience, EPFL