Posted 27 May 2016

Prof. Gero Miesenböck, Prof. Mark Schnitzer, Prof. Michael Häusser, Prof. György Buzsáki, Prof. Christian Lüscher

Neurotechnologies in model systems

This session addresses questions on how to link circuit activity behaviour. Latest generation tools to observe neural function with cellular resolution as well as approaches to control activity are discussed. With a range of model system from Drosophila to rodents, the panellists cover the pros and cons of optogenetic, chemogenetic manipulations as well as genetically encoded calcium indicators.

About Panellists:
Prof. Gero Miesenböck, Professor of Physiology and Founding Director, Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour, University of Oxford
Prof. Mark Schnitzer, Associate Professor in Biological Sciences and Applied Physics, Stanford University
Prof. Michael Häusser, Professor of Neuroscience, University College London
Prof. György Buzsáki, Professor of Neuroscience, New York University

About Chair:
Prof. Christian Lüscher, Professor of Neuroscience, University of Geneva