Posted 26 May 2016

Dr. Aki Hintsa

UBS thought leadership session: Rethinking success

UBS thought leadership session, with Dr. Aki Hintsa, on ‘rethinking success’: achieving optimal performance and productivity through better health and wellbeing. Dr. Hintsa created the “Logical Framework Approach of Human High Performance”. This philosophy and concept has been the platform for his later work with many Olympic athletes, top-level racing drivers and business executives around the world.
The philosophy is based on a holistic and proactive approach, which integrates six key elements of health and wellbeing. These are physical activity, nutrition, sleep & recovery, biomechanics, mental energy, and general health. The foundation for our actions in each of these elements is rooted in our Core, which is Dr. Hintsa’s term for our individual self. The Core is explored through understanding the basis for our identity, discovering purpose and meaning in life, and taking control and responsibility of daily choices.
Achieving better health and performance is based on improving our status in each of the six elements. Living a better life however, requires us to rethink success and evaluate our goals in light of who we are and what is important for us.

About speaker:
Dr. Aki Hintsa from Hinsta Performance is a specialist in orthopaedic and trauma surgery. For a number of years during the 1990’s he lived in Africa, working as a missionary doctor. During this time, Dr. Hintsa had the chance to observe the training routines of elite Ethiopian distance runners. He was intrigued by their dominance in this demanding sport. He also observed how the athletes’ lived in a state of balance. Their lives were integrated, with all elements in their environment geared towards supporting their running ambitions. Dr. Hintsa soon came to the realisation, which later established the foundation of our philosophy, that success derives from holistic wellbeing.