Prof. David Anderson

The neural circuitry of sex and violence

Dr. Catherine Berens

European Union contribution to international brain initiatives

Prof. Gyorgy Buzsaki

Large-scale recording of local field and action potentials in experimental animals and human patients

Dr. Greg Corrado

Lessons in practical machine intelligence

Dr. Sophie Dix

Transforming mental health through research

Dr. Aki Hintsa

Rethinking success

Prof. Emily Holmes

Mental imagery and imaging mental disorders, implications for psychological treatments

Prof. Steve Hyman

Revitalising translational psychiatry

Dr. Christof Koch

Big science, team science, open science in the service of basic neuroscience

Prof. Julio Licino

Searching for new mechanisms and pathways

Prof. Pierre Magistetti

NCCR Synapsy: The synaptic bases of mental disease

Prof. Henry Markram

The Blue and Human Brain Projects

Prof. Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg

Social risk for mental illness

Prof. Gero Miesenbock

Lights out! An optogenetic sleep switch

Dr. Martin Pan

Using big data to define and validate real world outcomes in Alzheimer’s disease

Dr. Andrea Pfeifer

Engaging stakeholders for a holistic therapy in Alzheimer’s disease

Prof. Mu-ming Poo

China Brain Project and non-human primate research

Dr. Antonella Chadha Santuccione

Streamlining and harmonising the global drug development pathway for Alzheimer’s disease treatment

Prof. Mark Schnitzer

Imaging large-scale ensemble neural codes underlying learning and long-term memory

Prof. Nikolaus Weiskopf

Real-time fMRI neurofeedback

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